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Join Prohub Learning for Tally Qualification Training, the best tally training in Kochi, Kerala, and make your career dreams come true.
Tally is a computer program that is the basis of all accounting work, which is a prerequisite for a licensed accountant to have program accounting or tally skills.

Tally Certification, in one of the best tally training in Kochi, offers a comprehensive solution for accounting, inventory, and data integrity requirements. Tally also has foreign business features. As a consequence, the Tally software application comes easy to configure, making it quick to run.

The recognition program provides you with the learning of important ideas and principles of accounting. Tally ERP9 is a vital instrument that can be used to generate experts, vouchers, and reports in accounting and stock. This course helps to consider the importance and use of work arrangement planning and costing of workers.

Tally program is used so widely that it allows the students to learn Tally until the advanced level while looking for jobs in the accounting department of any business enterprise.

The Tally 9 certificate provides students with the necessary ability to conduct all types of accounting operations in a limited time as required by the company from the best tally training in Kochi.

We have experienced experts who can help you gain insight into the subject and also Prohub Learning provides the best tally training in Kochi which provides 100% placement.



Tally Training Course Syllabus Key Features 

Accounting-Tally ERP’s most important feature. Accounting is the very first thing that comes to anybody’s mind after hearing about Tally.

Billing-Billing is big part of any company. As and when you pass an accounting entry bill is created synchronously that you can use to lift or submit an invoice. Most people assume that Billing is false aspect of Accounting when it comes to business. The billing Option available in Tally avoids the job of entering separate accounting.
Payroll-You should use this feature when you have sufficient number of workers. Functions such as personnel classes, job grades, pay heads, attendance, and course employees are used to maintain Payroll in Count.
Banking – 
No company will survive without Banking in this age of digitalization. TDS GST can be determined automatically with the aid of Tally ERP, 
both direct and indirect tax and their returns can also be filed online.
Taxation-It does not function in isolation for any company to succeed. The Company should operate by paying sufficient taxes in collaboration with the State as well as the Central Government. Calculation of wages, selling, and dispatch-related taxes is very hectic. Tally makes it simple for you to pay some VAT, Income Tax, Excise, Customs, Service Tax, etc. bills or invoices.
Inventory-Stock management is of paramount importance for any company. It is important as it provides greater control over the profits of companies. 
Thus, stock movement is an important part that can be held in check.

Information on Tally Course 

Tally Course

Full form         – Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards
Eligibility & Requirement -10+2 or equivalent
Duration  -3 Months
Fee Offered Rs.3,000 to Rs.6,000
Course Type -Online mode
Starting salary offered Rs. 12,000 to 15,000 per month
Advance Courses Diploma in Tally
Employment opportunities Banking Sector, MNC Companies.

Period of  Tally Course 

You will study the Tally ERP Course in months. You will get clear understanding in the first month and you will have some advanced concepts like GST, TDS, Service Tax Payroll, etc. in the second month.

In Count Principles or Modules 

The Accounting Basics 
Introducing Count 
In List, sense of  business formation and accounting opening 
Open livestock account and how to build voucher
How to change information regarding an organization or industry 
How to configure an enterprise‘s features 
Choose the cost group and cost center 
How to build godown, and how to hold stock 
How to set budget and price list
brief introduction concerning F11 and F12 
How to create accounts profit and loss balance sheets 
VAT introduction 
VAT estimate 
Introducing TDS 
TDS Estimate 
How to apply the excise and customs taxes

What Makes this Program one of the Best Tally Training in Kochi?

1.Training Sessions handled by Professionals with 10+ Years of Experience in Accounting & Finance

2.Full Fledged Placement Support after Training

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Is Tally difficult to learn?

No, Tally isn’t difficult to remember. If you know the fundamentals of accounting it is just simple accounting program. Learning if you did your business education stream is really easy, if you’re in a non-commerce mode, it’s easy for them too. Any course with an interest in you is easy to learn and easy to understand.

How this program becomes one of the best tally training in Kochi?

Training Sessions handled by Professionals with 10+ Years of Experience in Accounting & Finance. Training is fledged with theoretical as well as practical learning. The students get hands-on experience. Providing certificates from prestigious institutions adds an extra benefit to our resumes and job-ready. 100% Placement Support after Training. Thus it makes one of the best tally training in Kochi.

How can become an expert in bigger numbers? 

You need to know Accounting and Tally, to become an expert in Tally. You’ll never become an expert by just learning Count. Tally lets you 
do automated accounting. But you will need to know the accounting to run Tally.

Is Tally important to the banking system? 

Tally’s handling the banking feature very well. In Count, you can print checks directly, hold a check ledger, build deposit slips, and advise on payment. 9. ERP. Bank reconciliation (BRS) is the most important feature of Banking.

What is Tally‘s Scope? 

tally is accounting software that is used for accounting purposes and is simple to record. ERP Count. is commonly used accounting program in India as well as many other locations around the world. Tally ERP is an easily comprehensible tool and complete platform for business management.

Is tally quality professional? 

Over the years, Tally Software’s popularity has increased the market for nationally qualified and accredited Tally professionals. Tally Education aims to create an employer-recognized benchmark that makes qualified candidates stand out from the crowd and improve their professional careers.

What are the other offerings or training under this best tally training in Kochi?

Other than Tally, prohub learning offers accounting and SAP training in online mode now.


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